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5 Awesome Upcoming Games To Check Out in 2021

Resident Evil Village – May 7th

The next mainline installment of the Resident Evil Franchise, Village (with its clever placement of the Roman numeral for 8, VIII) makes its way to PC on May 7th. The game will continue to use the first person perspective, and will play similar to the previous installment. While many details about the game have not been revealed, the general premise of the game has. Ethan Winters, the protagonist of the first game, must work to rescue his kidnapped daughter as he uncovers a sinister plot in the village he once thought was peaceful. The game features the cutting edge graphics we have come to expect for the series. Players will be tasked with surviving an unforgiving village and a large castle inhabited by the large Lady Dimitrescu and her family (yes that’s the towering lady you’ve probably been seeing all over the internet). Overall, the game looks like it will deliver and build upon the horror focused experience that the previous game introduced back into the series. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – May 14th

Players will return to take control of their own Commander Shepherds’ on May 14th. This time around players will be saving the galaxy from the Reaper threat with enhanced visuals, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements. In the case of the first installment, we will have something riding the line between a basic remaster and a full remake, as the dev’s looked to make the first game look and play like it’s more refined elder siblings. The remaining two games are given an enhanced look, but still retain the same gameplay as before, which is fine as they were great. The Mass Effect Trilogy is an iconic sci-fi epic, fully showcasing Bioware’s “choice and consequence” style of RPG. Whether you are a newcomer to the series, or an N7 veteran returning for duty once again, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is shaping up to be a trilogy of remasters you do not want to miss. Plus the bang for your buck is fantastic here, 3 iconic games remastered for the price of one.

Deathloop – September 14th 2021

Arkane’s stylish Deathloop makes it’s way onto PC on May 21st, well at least it was supposed to. Earlier today (4/08/21) Arkane broke the news that their upcoming game would need to be delayed from that date back to Sept 14th 2021.

Arkane are true masters of the immersive sim genre, and have put out some great games showcasing their knack for player freedom, level design, and worldbuilding. If you haven’t played Arkane’s previous titles, we recommend checking out Dishonored and it’s sequels, as well as Prey, to get a feel for what an Arkane game has to offer. With the recent delay, you really have no excuse not to! In Deathloop, players take control of Colt, an assassin who finds himself trapped in a time loop on the mysterious Island of Black Reef. It’s up to the player to break the loop by eliminating all 8 targets, known as Visionaries, in one day. Of course it will not be as simple as it sounds. Not only is everyone on the island out to get you because they are having a giant party celebrating their essential immortality thanks to the time loop, but there’s also another assassin with a list. Only her list only has 1 name on it, yours (Colt). This other assassin, Juliana, serves as the island’s guardian and can be controlled by an AI or you can opt to play online and have your Juliana be another player that is hunting you, or play as her yourself and invade another’s game.

The premise of this game’s core design is rad. Your goal is to solve the puzzle of eliminating all of the targets in one loop. If you die or fail to reach that goal, you wake up at the start of the loop and try again, only this time equipped with the knowledge of things going on in Black Reef, as well as certain powers and equipment. You’ll be encouraged to experiment and engage the game’s various systems. On top of all of this the game sports a ton of interesting visual design, clearly inspired by the rocking 1960’s and 70s. All of this while being hunted by another player. Deathloop is shaping up to be an extremely interesting game, a unique one well worth your time.

New World – Aug 31st

New World is an open world MMO produced by Amazon Games. The premise of the game is, in the dev’s own words, “Carve your destiny: Fate has summoned you to the shores of Aeternum, the Eternal Isle. Overcome the brutal legions of The Corrupted and draw battle lines with competing players in this land of danger and opportunity. In a land hell-bent on your destruction, what will you do to survive? Strike out alone to forge your own heroic path, or band together, fortify, and fight.”

In addition to the tried and tested MMO-formula, New World looks to pack in some unique features, such as player run companies, and large scale faction-based PVP wars. The combat system as well is a unique feature, with the game sporting a real time action based system, instead of the click and wait system that many MMOs employ.
New World also features a pretty fleshed out crafting system and a “use to improve” skill system. That is to say, that similar to something like say the Elder Scrolls games, if you use a sword, you gain proficiency with that weapon and unlock skills and abilities for that equipment. 

New World is shaping up to be a huge game, so there is tons more info that could be covered. Currently there is plenty of info and gameplay available to check out on the web if you are interested. If you are a fan of MMOs or even just open world RPGs, you will definitely want to give this game a gander. 

Back 4 Blood – Oct 12th

Coop. Shooting zombies. The perfect combo, as any fan of the Left 4 Dead Franchise would tell you. For years fans have yearned for a sequel to Valve’s hit Left 4 Dead 2, and finally they are close to getting their hands on one. Well, kind of. Back 4 Blood is made from the same developers who created the Left 4 Dead Franchise, Turtle Rock Studios. No longer a part of  Valve studios, the team decided to create their own coop zombie shooter and bring their new ideas to life.

Though essentially a spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead Games, Back 4 Blood is looking to differentiate itself from the past, while keeping the core gameplay that people still enjoy. First off is the emphasis of player choice in the perk-card system players will use. Before each game, players will be able to create a deck of “cards” (buffs and abilities, such as faster reload speeds, or better melee damage, that sort of thing). These cards will allow players to come up with builds that compliment their playstyle or role in the group. Additional perks will be character specific, so players will want to synergize and compliment the strengths of the different characters they can select. 

The game also emphasizes a bigger challenge level. More infected to kill and less ammo will keep groups on their toes as they manage the resources they need to survive. The card system also applies to your enemy, so certain levels might have a modifier that gives the infected helmets, rendering your carefully aimed headshots ineffective. 

Overall Back 4 Blood looks to build on the great foundation that the studios previous games built, and combines that with modernized gameplay that is up to today’s standards for shooters. This means aiming down sights, sprinting and vaulting, and modern visuals; the sort of stuff that seems standard now a days! If you loved Left 4 Dead or just enjoy coop shooters, this game looks like it is going to be a ton of fun.

Well that’s it for the list, thanks for reading. 

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