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AC Valhalla DLC Expansion: Wrath of the Druids Release Date

Wrath of the Druids

The first expansion DLC of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, titled Wrath of the Druids, will finally arrive in the game on April 29, 2021 for gaming pc. The DLC will take Eivor, the protagonist, through Ireland’s haunted beauty, wherein he must gain the favor of the Gaelic Kings by confronting the druidic cult who called themselves the Children of Danu.

The Wrath of the Druids is part of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla post-launch content. The DLC was revealed before the game’s launch in 2020. After Valhalla is released, it will be followed by the next DLC called Siege of Paris. This will let Eivor participate in the most ambitious battle in Viking history as they infiltrate the fortified city of Paris.

The DLC will be released after Valhalla’s Ostara Festival, which started last March 18 and will end on April 8. During the festival, the players can experience different activities, including time hunting eggs, archery, drinking, and brawling. However, when night falls, Eivor must protect his clan from the spirits who run wild through the forest, causing mischief and chaos.

Wrath of the Druids - AC

Aside from the Ostara Festival, Ubisoft also gave players a Godly Reward, which included an outfit inspired by the Assassin’s Creed character Altair. They also gave a free Yule Gear Set and cosmetics alongside 300 opals. Players can claim these free gifts to the Animus Store.

The Transmogrification features have also been added to the game. This allows the player to change the appearance of Eivor as well as his gear for visual customization. For example, if the player likes the look of a gear, he/she can modify another piece of gear in the same category to look like it by paying 50 silver at the Blacksmith.

Three new skills have also been added to the game, including Fearless Leaper, Raven’s Loot, and Loot Food. Fearless Leaper is a skill that allows Eivor to thrust upward before landing a mastered falling attack atop an enemy. While Raven’s Loot and Loot Food will increase Eivor’s efficiency when at a range of on the prowl, giving him more time to stay on the move.

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