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Mr. Prepper Review

Mr. Prepper
Rejected Games

When Rejected Games first began working on their disaster preparation simulator, Mr. Prepper, back in 2019, they couldn’t have imagined just how timely it would become. After all, the thing that was 2020 was right around the corner. It’s interesting how art (or in this case, a game) can sometimes imitate real life, and vice-versa.

The setting for Mr. Prepper is a fictional state and fictional town, both of which could be anywhere in small-town U.S.A. However, even though things look all cozy and idyllic, the place is anything but. That’s because the citizens of the town are living under an oppressive totalitarian government.

Mr. Prepper Gameplay (PC HD) [1080p60FPS] - YouTube

It’s a place where you either live by the rigidly imposed rules or simply disappear. Not only that, but the threat of a nuclear conflict looms on the horizon. Therefore, the main character in the game, Mr. Prepper, must prepare for the worst—he’s going to build an underground bunker so that he might survive whatever unfortunate situation unfolds.

This may sound all fine and dandy but while Mr. Prepper goes about the business of prepping his hidden bunker, he has to worry about a Stazi-like secret police force that just loves to drop in for inspections of his house. In fact, they’ve become suspicious of his activities and are watching his property with enhanced attention.

To be less suspicious, Mr. Prepper trades with his neighbors for essential goods—that means there’s isn’t any multiplayer mode, just AI characters to interact with. The game focuses on building all of the basic resources that he needs to stay alive underground for a lengthy period of time.

Mr. Prepper v0.86f - игра на стадии разработки

The Mr. Prepper: Prologue demo was released back on August 27, 2020. The Prologue served as a free standalone version of the full game that introduces an essential part of the main story.

Now that the full release of the game has arrived, you’re able to build a full-on underground shelter underneath Mr. Prepper’s normal two-story house along with all of the important elements of its infrastructure to keep him alive.

While Mr. Prepper maintains his underground base, he can also keep his above-ground house tidy and build new items there as well. Players can renovate the furnishings as they choose. This is important just in case the Secret Police decide to stop by for a mandatory in-home inspection.

Mr. Prepper: Prologue Review - Virtual Worlds Land!

Of course, as the game progresses it becomes increasingly harder for Mr. Prepper to keep his little construction project a secret. Therein lies most of the game’s fun (and anxiety-producing moments)—just trying to evade and outmaneuver the secret police.

As a game, Mr. Prepper is a pretty unique experience. There’s not too much out there on the market to compete with it. So give it a try, just try to keep a lid on things if you do.

RATING: 7.9/10

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