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Crusader Kings 3 Gets Its First Paid DLC

Crusader Kings 3 (1)

Grand strategy wargame Crusader Kings III gets its first paid DLC last March 16, 2021. This DLC is called the Northern Lords, a Norse-themed expansion that features dozens of new stories. It will also allow players to raid foreign shores, brave the harsh winters, and establish a new Viking realm.

According to the developers, the DLC will allow players to find a new realm and establish power in foreign lands. Other than that, Holy Norse warriors, poets, and shield-maidens will be available as new character roles players can explore.

Northern Lords Flavour Pack will be a smaller-scale update rather than a fully-fledged expansion. It is basically designed to make the era’s northern kingdoms and characters feel more distinct. The DLC will introduce new Viking-themed cosmetics for players to enjoy. These cosmetics include new clothes and hairstyles for characters. It will also feature new ships, units, and holding models for the map.

Crusader Kings 3

The Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords costs $6.99. The DLC arrived in the game alongside a free update for all players. It will bring significant additions to the game, including winter as a new gameplay feature, settle disputes by elaborate duels, and randomized poetry generation.

It will also bring new music to the game and new region-appropriate scripted events, including decisions, legacies, and innovations specific to players playing in the north.

Crusader Kings 3 is an RPG grand-strategy game that is set in the Middle Ages. The players can start either in 867 or 1066 and play until 1453. In this game, dynasties can form cadet branches with their own heads and act independently from their parent dynasty. The leaders of dynasties will use a new resource called Renown to assert control over their house.

The game was released on September 1, 2020, for gaming pc. It has sold more than 1 million copies a month after its release. Crusader Kings III was also nominated for the Best Simulation/Strategy Game at The Game Awards in 2020.

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