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The Outer Worlds Releases Murder on Eridanos DLC

OuterWorlds Eridanos DLC

Obsidian Entertainment will release The Outer World’s final expansion, Murder on Eridanos, this March 17, 2021. The DLC will arrive on gaming pc, PS4, and Xbox One and will also be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S via backward compatibility. For Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, the DLC will arrive later in 2021.

Murder on Eridanos will be the second and the last expansion of The Outer Worlds. It was announced alongside an official opening cinematic trailer. The DLC will focus on the player solving the mystery behind the murder of the renowned actress Halcyon Helen.

Aside from being a murder mystery expansion, this DLC will give players the freedom of choice the game allows for. These include the player’s skills, flaws, and perks that were chosen. You can also choose which characters should accompany you, which clues you will find, and who you will interrogate.

To solve the crime, the player must interrogate witnesses, learn about their alibis, and argue who they think murdered the actress. The ending of this DLC depends on the player’s action. And according to the developers, there is even one possible scenario that will involve you convincing others that you were connected with the murder case.

The Outer World characters Spencer Woolrich and Black Hole Bertie will also make an appearance in this DLC. The player will also have access to a completely new tool called the Discrepancy Amplifier which will help the player with the investigation.

The Discrepancy Amplifier will help reveal clues around the player. It will also unlock new quest options and provide its own humorous analysis behind the clues, including some details.

The Outer Worlds – Murder on Eridanos will arrive with new perks and flaws to help the player with the quests. There will also be new scientific weapons, armor varies, and plenty of additional quests and choices that players will encounter along the way.

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