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Toplitz Officially Announces Wild West Dynasty

Wild West Dynasty

Publisher Toplitz and developer Virtual Magic Games have officially announced the latest entry into the Dynasty simulation series titled the Wild West Dynasty. The Wild West Dynasty is a free-to-explore game that allows you to build a town without a Story mode. It features a unique mix of first-person RPG, life simulation, and town building. It is scheduled to be released in 2022 for the Microsoft Windows gaming pc.

According to Toplitz, Wild West Dynasty will let the player emerge from being a lonesome cowboy to founding a settlement and becoming the mayor of a gold-digger town. Soon after, other settlers will join in the player’s quest to grow the town and find happiness. 

Wild West Dynasty is an adventure-simulation RPG game. Here, the player can build their own ranch, provide food and wealth so settlers will join you in your quest for happiness. The game is set in the 1800s. Its locations trail to West America, where Settlers are committed to advancing further towards the US Pacific in search of a better life. The players are tasked to build their own settlements and towns by finding farms, raising cuttles, and digging for gold. 

The player’s main goal is to look for a decent place where he and other settlers can find gold. This will draw hundreds of daring adventurers to your settlement for it to become a flourishing town, bringing merchants, gunslingers, and adventurers.

As stated earlier, the player starts out as a lonesome cowboy who finds an abandoned ranch in the Wild West and decides to stay. The player must start repairing and expanding the ranch. On top of that, he must gather food, hunt for animals, sell their meat and leather to settler treks. Once the player has established a decent ranch, other settlers will decide to stay and settle down. The player can start building a town with all of the classic locations, including a Sheriff’s office, stores, saloons, and hotels.

But that’s not the only thing; the player must also learn to shoot and defend his settlement properly as bandits will come into the town. He must also find a wife and have an heir to ensure that his wild west dynasty will last long.

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