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Surviving Mars: In-Dome Buildings Pack

Surviving Mars
Haemimont Games / Abstraction Games

When Surviving Mars debuted back in 2018, it quickly became a must play game for people who love both the colony management, and city-builder genres. I’ve never been much into these types of games but tried it out anyway and got hooked.

One major thing that sets Surviving Mars apart from other games of this type is the fact that you must set up your Martian colony with automated robots before any human colonists are allowed to dwell there. This aspect is definitely challenging and a fun spin of the typical city-building formula.

Surviving Mars on Steam

To celebrate the third anniversary of this title, its new developers, Abstraction Games (having taken over for Haemimont Games), are offering the first Surviving Mars Content Creator Pack from longtime Paradox community modder, Silva—it’s called the In-Dome Buildings Pack.

With this pack, you’re able to take your colony to the next level with eight totally new buildings and technical additions to help you make the red planet feel a little more cozy. This pack expands all your housing options and introduces a few more community buildings as well.

The Surviving Mars: In-Dome Buildings Pack Includes:

Habitats for Humanity

◾Smart Apartments (Large Habitats)

◾Seniors Residence (Medium Habitats)

◾Large Nursery (Large Habitats)

Dome Sweet Dome

◾Medical Post (Small Dome Services)

◾Security Post (Small Dome Services)

◾Hospital (Large Dome Services)

◾TV Studio Workshop (Large Dome Services)

◾School Spire (Dome Spire)

Overall, Surviving Mars is an excellent city builder, elevated by great visual and sound design, and a premise that’s fascinating and original (in video games), but perhaps underutilized. If you, like me, are the particular kind of nerd that finds detailed accounts of interplanetary colonization and terraforming captivating, I would highly recommend playing it, especially with this new building set.

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