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Fortnite Adds Ripley and The Alien Xenomorph

Fortnite alien and the xenomorph

Fortnite introduces a new crossover in the game, and this time it’s no other than the Alien franchise. As announced by its developer Epic Games, Ripley and the Xenomorph are now available for players to purchase.

Ripley arrives in the game with a new costume and item, including the Nostromo Crew Outfit variant and the Weyland-Yutani Cat Carrier, along with Jonesy the Cat. On the other hand, Xenomorph comes equipped with a Xenomorph Tail Back Bling and the Xeno Menace built-in Emote.

Another purchasable addition to the Alien franchise crossover is the Space Gear Bundle. This bundle includes the Cheyenne Dropship Glider, the P-500 Power Loader Arm Pickaxe, and a new emote, which is said to be “bursting on the scene.”

Ripley and the Xenomorph addition to Fortnite follow the release of two StreetFighter characters in the game, Chun Li and Ryu, and the Tron crossover, which includes new costumes and icons from the sci-fi franchise.

Xenomorph - Fortnite

Aside from the addition of Ripley and the Alien Xenomorph on the game, Epic Games also announced that players who have purchased the loot boxes called Loot Llamas in the Fortnite: Save the World mode will receive 1,000 V-Bucks for free. It’s part of a class action settlement faced by Epic Games. The compensation applies to all players worldwide who bought the Loot Llamas. Epic Games will automatically add the 1,000 V-Bucks to the players’ accounts in the next few days.

Epic Games Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale game for gaming pc, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. It is also available for mobile players using Android and iOS phones. It was first released in 2017 and has become one of the most popular online games due to its exciting gameplay and variety of game modes. Fortnite is also known for its ongoing events, crossovers, game mode additions, and working with large franchises to introduce new items and costumes in the game.

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