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Monster Hunter Rise Will Have a PC Version in 2022

Monster Hunter Rise

The Nintendo Switch exclusive game, Monster Hunter Rise, is revealed to be coming to gaming pc in 2022. The news was announced by the game’s producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto. The latest game in the Monster Hunter series will be released on Switch this March 26, 2021. But Tsujimoto announced that PC players can also expect the game sometime in early 2022.

According to Tsujimoto, the developers have received a lot of requests from fans, especially those from overseas, for a PC version of Monster Hunter Rise. This made the team decide to develop a PC version of the game, which they aim to release in 2022. Tsujimoto also confirmed that the Monster Hunter Rise PC version is still under development and that the team will release more details when the time is right. As of writing this, no other details about the Monster Hunter Rise PC version were released. 

Monster Hunter Rise was initially specifically designed with Nintendo Switch’s capabilities in mind. As explained by Tsujimoto before, they developed the game’s considering all the characteristics of the Nintendo Switch, a handheld device. With that in mind, the developers focused on hunting at a higher tempo than the previous games.

It is still not clear how many aspects of the game will be translated to the PC version. But Monster Hunter Rise’s emphasis on action results with its tightened core mechanics for a more enjoyable gaming experience only makes the game more welcoming to new players than its predecessor, Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter has always been a popular series in Japan. However, with the 2018’s release of Monster Hunter: World and its Iceborn expansion, it brought global success. In fact, the game sold 16.8 million units worldwide and a further 7.2 million sales for the Iceborn expansion. This only encourages Capcom and the developers to introduce new games in the series that players worldwide can enjoy, thus the creation of Monster Hunter Rise.

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