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Diablo 4 Introduces Rogue Class

Diablo 4 Rogue

During the virtual Blizzcon 2021, Blizzard Entertainment finally revealed and introduced Diablo 4’s fourth playable class, the Rogue. It will be one of the five playable characters in Diablo 4, along with the Barbarian, Druid, and Sorceress.

Diablo 4 Game Director Luis Barrega described the new Rogue character as a jack of all trades. He stated that the character can master certain things if the player chooses to build her in a certain way. Barrega explained the Rogue is somehow like a choose-your-own-dexterity-class character. This means that the player is free to mold her how they want her to fit their playstyle. Players can choose to equip her with the classic bow-and-arrow. But the Rogue can also be equipped with other ranged weapons or melee weapons depending on the player’s choice. 

Barrega also excitedly mentioned that players will be surprised with how the other versions of the Rogue can be played. The new class also has a specialization system. And unlike the other guild quests in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the player can choose to work with different Rogue groups. They also do special quests for them and unlock a unique combat style that fits that group. However, the player can only pick one at a time. And this will only be possible with the Rogue class. Other classes in the game will not have this specialization system.

Blizzard also confirmed that mounts can be accessed by players of any character class and get around Diablo 4’s world in style. They also noted that the mounts are all horses because Diablo is set in a medieval gothic root and that the developers don’t want to stray too far into the fantasy medieval world. Players can also earn modular pieces of the armor, which they can add to their mounts. There will also be wearable trophies players can get by completing certain quests, and each class will also get its own unique combat dismount. For example, the Rogue character will launch Rain of Arrows to catch PvP opponents off-guard.

As of writing this, Blizzard hasn’t announced the release date for Diablo 4 yet. But it is confirmed that the game will be published for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows gaming pc.

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