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Kingdom Hearts is Finally Coming to PC

Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix has announced that their popular Kingdom Hearts series is coming to gaming pc. Its publisher has confirmed that the main Kingdom Hearts games will be exclusively available to Epic Games Store starting on March 30, 2021.

According to Epic Games, the games that will be released on their platform includes Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts 2 Remix Editions, and Kingdom Hearts 3. Its rhythm game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will also be coming to PC exclusively through Epic Games next month.

Kingdom Hearts is one of the popular and long-running RPG series. It features both the worlds of Square Enix and Final Fantasy with Disney. The series was first released on PlayStation, and the series is typically played on the Sony platform. Its game spin-offs were later on released on Nintendo handheld devices and mobile phones.

Kingdom 3, on the other hand, was released on multiple platforms, and the series game first debuted on Xbox. However, none of the other Kingdom Hearts games were released on PC — that is, until now. 

The Kingdom Hearts series features a young boy named Sora who travels to different worlds inspired by Disney to fight off dark forces who threaten the world. To help him and accompany him on his quests are popular Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck. There are also iconic Disney characters like Maleficent, Simba, Beast, Woody, and Elsa.

Kingdom Heart is an action RPG game with hack-and-slash elements. In this game, Sora, the main protagonist, is usually joined by Donald Duck and Goofy, who aid him in battle. In the first and third Kingdom Hearts games, Donald Duck and Goofy’s behavior can be altered to suit different combat objectives. It also features real-time combat, which includes physical attacks, summonings, and physical attacks. Each game can handle battles differently. This game is influenced by its parent franchise, Final Fantasy.

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