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System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition VR Mode

System shock 2 for gaming pc revealed to be playable in VR mode.

Nightdive Studios has revealed that they are working on a fully playable VR mode for System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition. The studio even confirmed that the game has its own VR-focused development team to structure a fully-fleshed VR mode.

The news about a VR-mode for System Shock 2 first started when Nightdive Studios posted a tweet in January showing their CEO Stephen Kick playing System Shock 2 with a VR controller. It was a hint at what Nightdive Studios was working on for the enhanced version of the game.

According to the team, they had the opportunity to play with the idea of creating a standalone VR version of the game while in the process of reverse-engineering the missing libraries for the System Shock 2 game. They then decided to bring a VR expert to look at the code and give them a brief insight on what kind of things they could do to make this idea come to life.

Using the blueprint of System Shock 2, the developers found a solid foundation of the game and began fleshing out a full VR version of the game. Nightdive Studio then confirmed that System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition will be fully playable in VR along with its multiplayer mode. 

system shock 2 vr

Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick also confirmed that the VR mode isn’t just an extra feature but a fully-fleshed out one. And as of now, the development team is working with an outline to create a remarkable VR experience for fans built from the ground up.

The developers also stated that the immersive potential of VR became one of the main reasons why they decided to pursue a dedicated mode for System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition. 

The System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition will be released for Microsoft Windows gaming pc, as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Its original game, System Shock 2, was first released in 1999 for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X devices.  The System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition  will support all the game’s existing mods and custom maps. 

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