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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Pre Order

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Bioware has finally given a go signal for the preorder of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The series collection is set to release for PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows gaming pc on May 14. Bioware also says that the game will run on next-gen consoles, including PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, with targeted enhancements.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition preorder is now available on all platforms. It costs $59.99, and fans can buy it from Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, PS Store, and MS Store.

As of this writing, no preorder bonuses or extras have been announced to come when players preorder Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This new collection features all the single-player content from all three games. This content includes the DLCs, armors, promo weapons, and packs that have been released since the first game. All content from the three games will be fully remastered, which means including 4K UHD optimization, cleaner textures, and faster frame rates.

BioWare first announced Mass Effect Legendary Edition in a tweet and a blog post published in November. In addition to this remastered collection of all the Mass Effect games, EA also revealed that they are working on a new Mass Effect game. But it is still early on production.

Aside from the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Bioware will release the Mass Effect Legendary Cache. But this one doesn’t include the game. It acts as a collectible supplement to the collection. Fans who will buy this at the Bioware Gear store will get an additional exclusive art print.

Here are the things included in the Mass Effect Legendary Cache:

  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition Metal Game Case
  • Canvas Art Print
  • Morality Spinner Pin
  • N7 Acceptance Letter
  • Wearable N7 Helmet

The Mass Effect Legendary Cache will also come in a full-color custom box featuring the game key’s art.

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