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THQ Nordic Biomutant Gets May Release Date

THQ Nordic has finally announced that their upcoming game Biomutant will yet be released this coming May 25, 2021.

The announcement came via a press release from THQ Nordic, where the studio confirmed that the game will be published for gaming pc, PS4, and Xbox One. However, they didn’t mention anything about releasing a next-gen console version of the game.

Aside from the base version of the game, there will be two variants available to the gamers. These include the Atomic Edition and the Collector’s Edition.

Biomutant: The Atomic Edition will be available for $399 and will include the following:

  • a detailed diorama
  • a steel-book
  • Biomutant t-shirt
  • mousepad
  • soundtrack
  • fabric artwork
  • premium box
  • base game

Biomutant’s The Collector Edition, which is priced at $119.99, will include the following things:

  • base game
  • soundtrack
  • fabric artwork
  • a hero figurine

All of the game’s editions are now available to preorder. Aside from Biomutant editions, the developer also shared information about the game features, including the mutation and crafting systems. And as taken from the release date, Biomutant is a more chaotic open-world experience that many people claim to have already fallen in love with. THQ Nordic promises to release more information about Biomutant in the coming weeks.

Biomutant is an action RPG video game set in an open-world environment where players take the role of a mammalian warrior who lives in a world filled with mutated animals. Throughout the game, the players will be able to change their abilities by using mutations and installing biomechanical body parts such as robotic claws, wings, and legs.

The game will also feature mission-based and mission lines modes, which are all character-based. According to the developer, the more the player interacts with certain characters, the wider the game’s arc in that specific area becomes.

Biomutant is the first game that Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic worked on together. It is created using Unreal Engine and will be available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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