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New Phasmaphobia Beta Update Makes Ghosts Better at Hunting


The horror-survival game, Phasmophobia, has received a new update on Steam. This new update brings some bug fixes, quality of life changes, and most importantly, gameplay changes that make the game scarier.

According to its developer, Kinetic Games, the new update will make the ghost better at tracking players down. The ghosts are now programmed to stay closer to the player’s last known location instead of wandering off and searching further away. This means that players might find it harder to escape from the ghost than ever before. Ghosts will now also be able to open closet and locker doors slightly further, which means that it might not be a good choice for players to hide in rooms and closets anymore.

Not only that, but the candlelight range has also been increased. The update also fixed the issues wherein holding the candle would drop the player’s sanity in some locations. The dirty water objective has also been removed, although it still remains as extra photo evidence. 


Kinetic Games also explained that the update also lowered the rate the Thermometer updates its temperature from 1 to 5 seconds. Increased temperature variations will also show on the Thermometer. A new button was also added to the game. This is to add the max amount of items, so players don’t have to spam-click each item.

Aside from these new updates and additions, Kinetic Games also fixed a few issues in the game. This includes fixing several lighting and performance issues in the School and Prison map. Some kitchen cabinet doors were also fixed in Tanglewood that used to glitch before. A bug was also fixed where the lights would flicker when turned off. Then the missing skybox is also fixed in the Main Menu.

Phasmophobia is a four-player co-op psychological horror and survival game for Microsoft Windows gaming PC. You and your team must investigate which type of ghost is haunting a place by using ghost hunting equipment and making sure that the ghost won’t kill you.

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