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Paladins Reveals Upcoming New Champion Yagorath

Paladins Yagorath

The free-to-play FPS game from Hi-Rez Studios, Paladins, shows off their new champion to be released this February. The new champion goes by the name Yagorath, the Devourer.

Yagorath was unveiled via a CG teaser released by Hi-Rez Studios. She wreaks havoc across the battlefield and brings down some of the realm players we know. As seen in the trailer, Yagorath shows her sheer power as she trounces Lex and knocks down the other six champions. She appears to be a giant and substantial centipede-like monster who brings a new character style to Paladins’ current lineup.

According to the developers, Yagorath will be the largest character model to date and feature a stance-switching design on the battlefield. This means that she will have two styles of gameplay that players can explore. It is also revealed that she will be a front-line champion that can take immense damage with massive health of 6,500. And as stated earlier, Yagorath can switch from planted to travel form.

Yagorath cannot move from her place in her planted form, but she can spit acid and fire lethal quills to her enemies. Not only that, she can devour enemy champions, which serve as execution for targeted people.

On the other hand, in her travel form, Yagorath curls into a tire shape that allows her to roll around the battlefield faster. In this form, she can leave a trail of acid and knockback enemies in her path. Not only that, but she can also spot enemy champions using her hunter vision.

Aside from Yagorath, the champion Timber Mill will also receive a rework in the future update. This will give him a new gameplay experience and look. Paladins will also release a Battle Pass called the Event Pass, promoting more rewarding unlocks over its duration. You can download Paladins free on your gaming pc via Steam.

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