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Among Us Launches Xbox Game Pass for PC

Among Us Update

Among Us’ Developer, Innersloth Studio has launched Xbox Game Pass for gaming PC and will also arrive for consoles in 2021.

The announcement came via a post in the Xbox blog and reveals the game’s imminent launch on the PC version of Game Pass service. Users who are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to access Among Us on their PC now. They will also be able to play the game on the console once it launches next year.

The blog post was then followed up with a tweet from the official Among Us account, confirming that the game will arrive on Xbox consoles next year. The tweet suggests that Among Us will also come to the Xbox One and Xbox Series family of consoles when it launches in 2021.

Among Us has already been launched in Nintendo Switch this month as part of Nintendo’s Indie World presentation. The launch brought a glitch for players using Nintendo Switch to explore the Airship Map early.

The map isn’t playable, but the glitch trick will allow players to tour the location. The trick was shared by a GameXplain video. According to it, you need to do the following things:

  • Click Local on the game’s main menu and create your own game.
  • Choose the Airship map via the laptop.
  • Exit the lobby, then click Online to host a room without choosing the map.
  • Once four players join in, you can then load into the Airship map.

The Airship map is scheduled to be released and playable in Early 2021. The new map isn’t feature-complete yet, and players may experience a few glitches when touring the map. But you might still want to do it, so you can learn its unfinished layout and have an advantage over your friends when it’s released next year.

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