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LoL New Marauder and Warden Skins

Warden Quinn

League of Legends finally releases the new Marauder and Warden skins for 2020. These new skins include Marauder Kalista, Marauder Kled, Marauder Xin Zhao, Warden Gragas, and Warden Quinn.

The Marauder and Warden skins are part of the 11.1 PBE cycle patch for gaming PCs. Let’s check out these new skins:

Marauder Kalista

Marauder Kalista is a Magelord warrior resurrected by the Marauder leaders, awakening with the desire for vengeance that has only festered over the millennia. And now that she returns, more powerful than ever, to annihilate the Wardens and destroy everything they’ve built.

Marauder Kled

Marauder Kled is a Marauder general who leads the regime. His followers called him the incarnation of the Marauder’s historic brutality due to his violent tendencies. And if it weren’t for Xin Zhao, Kled would probably bet everything on a final, bloody battle.

Marauder Xin Zhao

Marauder Xin Zhao rules the other half of the Marauders, which follows a martial order that seeks to reclaim the order they once led. Pragmatic and measured, Xin Zhao has resurrected an ancient Magelord warrior to destroy his enemies once and for all.

Warden Gragas

Warden Gragas is a part of the sect who chose to don the armor of the Protectorate. Each Warden hale from all corners of the world, each one holding fast to their pledge to protect. Gragas has found his purpose in this calling and found camaraderie among his fellow Wardens, who have welcomed him with open arms.

Warden Quinn

Warden Quinn follows the footsteps of her ancestors, Protectorate of Old. Those who gained its power from bonds: including those between their comrades, armor, and edicts. Having forged a bond with her familiar named Valor, she honors the Protectorate’s central tenet.


Each of the Marauder and Warden skins includes all new models and textures for the champions. It also includes new visual effects, sound effects, and new recall animation.

The skins are priced at 1,350 RP each.

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