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League of Legends New Battle Queen Skins

Battle Queen Katarina

League of Legends has released a new skin theme called Battle Queen. And the first champions to receive this new skin theme includes the new champion Rell, Janna, Qiyana, Katarina, and Diana.

Go check out the new skins below!

Battle Queen Janna

Queen Janna hails from the Aurai, floating high above the Tournament, looking down on the whole affair. The magic that brings life to Aurai’s exclusive population will diminish without a champion in the Coronation, so Queen Janna decided to descend to show her power and protect her people.

Battle Queen Diana

Queen Diana was exiled for heresy but has now assented to return to her Queendom and save her people. She intends to use the Coronation so she can prove her worth. Queen Diana also seeks to force the Eos’ elders to admit the truth of her beliefs that the Crest answers to its people’s will and not its leaders.

Battle Queen Katarina

Queen Katarina won the Schemean Crest with her ruthless performance in the Queendom’s battle pits. And for Schema to break free of its alliances and become the region’s rightful leader, Queen Katarina has never been more prepared to show a similarly commanding performance in the Coronation. Her goal is to cement her fearsome status as the rightful queen of queens.

Battle Queen Qiyana

Queen Qiyana is the youngest in a line of sisters who have been Queens of Ixtal for most recent coronations. She has been waiting impatiently for years for her turn at the Crest and the title. And now that she has it, she intends to use the power that she has received in the tournament to remake Ixtal according to her vision.


These new Battle Queen skins will feature new models, textures, visual effects, sound effects, and new recall animation. Each skin is set to be priced at 1350 RP.

To buy them in-game, make sure to download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming PC or laptop.

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