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Among Us Will Add New Maps in the Game


Innersloth Studio has pushed an update to Among Us, which outlined a small map for its future content. This includes a new map, an account system, and colorblind support on the way.

The announcement was posted in the developer blog over on Steam, where Innersloth mentioned that they are working on an account system set to arrive in early December. The system will let players report toxic and hacking accounts and then be followed with friend lists.

The team is also working hard on a free new map, which is apparently bigger than Polus. The new map will also feature brand new task types and will be themed after Henry Stickmin. This map will be free for all players. Professional translations into multiple languages are also on the way, as well as full-blown colorblind support for players.

The latest update in the game brought bug fixes as well as anonymous voting to the game. It marks every vote as grey to obscure the gaming voting intention and will make ejections even more mysterious. 

among us gameplay

The game’s options now also have taskbar modifiers in the Meeting Mode, so the taskbar only updates during the meeting. The Invisible Mode will also remove the taskbar entirely.

The developer also mentioned that they are currently working on dealing with cheating and hacking players in the game. Some cheats still work, and there are bugs too. But there will be more server updates to fix these issues. Innersloth Studio also confirmed that the anti-hacks cause bugs and are also why cleaning the game takes too much time.

Innersloth further explained that any threats made in the game are false and that the players’ devices and data are safe. They also recommend that players who encounter a hacker should ban them and find a different room.

Among Us is a fun multiplayer online social deduction game released for iOS and Microsoft Windows gaming PC, as well as for Android phones.

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