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Dynamic Pixels Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2

Dynamic Pixels has announced Hello Neighbor 2 for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows gaming PC in 2021. If you loved the first game, then here’s a short breakdown of the things you should expect in its sequel.


According to the developers, Hello Neighbor 2 is set immediately after the events of the first game. In this Hello Neighbor 2, the player takes control of the character named Quentin. He is a reporter who is investigating the disappearances in the Raven Brooks area. He then stumbles upon an abandoned house that happens to be occupied by a raven-like monster. 

The player will have their own stories. The narrative is emergent in this game and will depend on how the player will decide to play the game.


Dynamic Pixels confirmed that the sequel’s story fits into the cross-media universe of Hello Neighbor’s.

The developers also explained the Hello Neighbor 2 will feature an expanded setting. From the original’s single house, the game will now feature an open-world environment. This means that in the sequel, players will be able to scavenge for materials across the whole of Raven Brooks.


In the first game, the antagonist, Mr. Peterson, would navigate using the developer-placed waypoints. In Hello Neighbor 2, though, the new monster will use self-learning AI to stalk the player. This means that playing the game will pit you with an enemy that will learn from your movement and will use the information to stop you from figuring out the neighborhood’s secrets.

The developers explain the AI opponent’s program allows it to explore the game’s environment. It will also constantly seek ways to ambush the player.

Sandbox Experience

In Hello Neighbor 2, players must solve puzzles. To do this, they must look for creative ways to combine different items, terrain features, and platforming skills.

The game will feature many in-game events that are persistent and scheduled at random to give players live gaming experience. Players are also free to examine each random in-game event to find different outcomes.

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