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Top-Pick Overwatch Heroes for Beginners

Overwatch heroes for beginners to play in a gaming pc

Overwatch is known as one of the most played multiplayer shooter games. It features squad-based combat that pits two opposing teams of six players each. You can choose one of Overwatch beginner heroes in the game, each of these heroes has unique abilities to help them win the game. 

If you happen to be one of those gamers who want to try Overwatch but aren’t sure which hero to pick in the game, this article might help you. Below, we listed the five best Overwatch beginner heroes:

Soldier 76

Play soldier 76 in your gaming pc.

Soldier 76 has straightforward abilities, which makes him one of the best heroes to use for beginners. He is the perfect choice for gamers who play traditional FPS games like Call of Duty or CS: GO. He offers a familiar and straightforward kit that is easy-to-learn. He can sprint, shoot his rifle, heal himself, and even fire a powerful burst shot.

Soldier 76 also happens to be one of the most self-sufficient heroes in the game. This makes him one of the best DPS heroes in the game that you can start experimenting with.


Try Bastion of Overwatch in your gaming pc

Bastion, no doubt, was designed to be the easiest hero to use in the game. But don’t take that badly, because Bastion is also mighty in his sentry form, and can literally take out an entire team if his abilities are used correctly.

Thanks to his severe damage and mobility in recon form, Bastion can be a hard hero to beat for newbies. This is why new players choose Bastion as their first main hero. He can cause devastating damage on an enemy team, especially on opponents who don’t coordinate well in the game.


If you want to start playing Overwatch as support, then the hero Mercy should be your pick. With her signature angelic attire, Mercy happens to be one of the game’s most iconic heroes. Her gameplay should focus on keeping her teammates’ full health and boosting their weapons during close fights. But what makes her truly great is her ability to quickly resurrect multiple heroes.

Mercy also has a simple playstyle that newbies can quickly learn. Her weapon, a staff, locks onto the nearest teammate and fires a stream of healing energy to keep their health bar at full. Stick close to your team and survive enemy attacks through healing. Mercy can use her staff to alternate fire and boost your team’s weapon’s damage in team fights. She can also fly to her nearest teammate to make sure she is always in range. These features are what make Mercy the go-to choice for players who want to take on a support role.


new overwatch hero Orisa try it in your gaming pc
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For the longest time, Reinhardt was the best pick for newbies who want to play as the tank in Overwatch. But not until Orisa was introduced in the game. Compared to Reinhardt and other tank heroes, Orisa’s shield is easier to use for new players, especially during team fights. It is a projectile that can be deployed anywhere she wants, allowing her to easily defend her teammates if needed. And although Orisa’s shield isn’t as strong as Reinhardt, it has a faster cooldown.

Orisa also has a high-speed projectile cannon called the Fusion Driver. This is highly effective at shied-breaking and can deal consistent damage to enemies without the damage fallout. Although mastering the use of Orisa’s shield can take some time. Her other abilities make her a versatile hero that can contribute a lot to her team’s victory.


Trying Mei, as your played overwatch in your gaming pc

There is nothing more powerful than a hero with the abilities that can turn the tides of the battle, and that is precisely what Mei and her skill kit have to offer. Using her weather-altering devices, Mei can freeze enemies or create ice walls to stop them from attacking. This makes Mei one of the best heroes to use for new players who want to put their crowd control gameplay to test.

Unlike Soldier 76, Mei has a more advanced skill kit, making her a hero worth learning early. Her abilities can eliminate most heroes by freezing them and finishing them with her Endothermic Blast that shoots icicle-like projectiles. And although it may be harder for her to kill off tanks, she can freeze them using Cryo-Freeze and easily dismantle the enemy front line. With all her abilities combined, Mei is the perfect choice for new players who know when to drop down the right skills at the right time, so they can take control of the game.


Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer FPS game from Blizzard that was released in 2016 for gaming PC. It is a popular online game alongside Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, and Dota 2.

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