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Left 4 Dead 2 – The Last Stand Update


Left 4 Dead 2 is finally getting its first update in eight years with The Last Stand Update. This new content pack is developed by the members of the game’s dedicated community for its players.

The Last Stand Update for Left 4 Dead 2 first started as a project started by Rayman1103 in the game’s community MOD. Valve’s Kerry Davis reached out to Rayman in October 2019 for the potential update of Left 4 Dead 2’s 10th Anniversary.

According to Rayman1103, during his interview with IGN, Davis liked the idea of his project. The first plan was for Davis to ask around the office to see if anyone could help with the project. However, it turned out that everyone in the development team was focused on getting Half-Life: Alyx finished. This means that they couldn’t really provide some extra time for the project in their end.


To solve the issue, David gave Rayman the source files for the Lighthouse maps from Left 4 Dead 1. And that was when Rayman started working on getting his own team to work on the update.

What Rayman originally planned for the update was a port of Survival Maps from Left 4 Dead 1 over into Left 4 Dead 2. This means getting all the missing maps that were never ported over the second game into it.

But The Last Stand Update will bring more than that — it will include The Last Stand campaign, 30 brand new achievements, 26 new survival maps, and four new scavenge maps. The update will also feature two new melee weapons and L4D 1 infected skins with functional gore.

The update also brings new improvements into the game, including new and unused survivor voice lines and new and improved character animations. There will also be reworked gun models and animations, PVP enhancements, and balance updates. 

Last but not least, The Last Stand Update will include an official CSS weapon implementation and brand new mutations, Rocketdude and Tank run.

L4D2 was first released back in 2009. It is released for Microsoft gaming PC, Xbox 360, MacOS X, and Linux devices.

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