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No Man’s Sky Major Update Called Origins

No Man's Sky Origins

No Man’s Sky has announced its next major update, and it is called Origins. This update was just released last month for gaming PC and consoles, in the last week of September.

According to its developer, Hello Games, No Man’s Sky has come a long way since it was released thanks to its major updates and all of the patches in between, offering its users new experiences along the way. Hello Games’ Sean Murray also noted that the latest major update, Origins, will be the beginning of something new.

Murray further explained in a blog post that although Origins is not the largest update, it will bring something new to No Man’s Sky. This is why the studio named the update as Origins because it is the beginning of something new to the game as it continues to grow and evolve.

No Man's Sky

The blog post also mentioned a few notes about the game’s last major update called Beyond. This update brought VR to the game and also extended its online capabilities. There were also the regular updates that the developers have released over the past years. These updates include Bytebeat, Synthesis, Living Ship, Crossplay, Exo Mech, and Desolation.

According to the developers, they know that there is a huge appetite in the game’s community, and the team is working to deliver what their users want. Although the developers have been quiet for some time, rest assured that they are always listening to the community and focusing on improving the game they love.

Like all the previous updates in No Man’s Sky, Origins is expected to be free to download for all players. As to when the players can expect to jump into everything new with the update, Hello Games has given no official date yet.

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