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Street Fighter 5 Announces New Set of Fighters

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Capcom has finally revealed four of the five characters that will be added to Street Fighter 5’s roster of playable fighters. The addition of the five is a part of the upcoming Season 5 content.

The new fighters that will be a part of the game include Dan, Rose, Oro, and Akira — with the fifth character remaining a mystery. Dan Hibiki has been a long-time Street Fighter character who last appeared in Street Fighter 4. Rose, on the other hand, was first introduced in Street Fighter Alpha and also made her last appearance on Street Fighter 4. Oro has only been seen as a playable character since his first appearance in Street Fighter 3.

However, the fourth character, Akira, is not an original Street Fighter character. She is originally from the 1997 3D fighting game, Rival Schools, that was released for PlayStation One and arcade.

This didn’t come as a surprise for most fans, since Street Fighter is no stranger to featuring characters from other Capcom series. However, Akira is the first character from Rival Schools to make an appearance in the Street Fighter game, aside from Sakura. Although, the latter was originally a Street Fighter character who was later included in Rival Schools.

Currently, no footage has been shown of Akira fighting stunts in Street Fighter 5. But according to the game’s director Takayumi Nakayama, the battles in Rival Schools have something unique about them that they want to incorporate in the game.

Producer Shuhei Matsumoto also added that there are some unique Rival Schools gimmicks they plan to add for Street Fighter 5.

Aside from these characters, the Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition – Season 5 Roadmap was also revealed. This details the next year of content drops for the game. According to the roadmap, Dan will be released in Winter 2020, followed by Rose in Spring 2021. Oro and Akira will then be added in Summer 2021, which will then be capped off with an unannounced character in Fall 2021.

Street Fighter 5 is a fighting game from Capcom and Dimps, released for Microsoft Windows gaming PC and PlayStation 4.

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