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Mr. Prepper: Prologue Review

Mr. Prepper: Prologue (Beta)
Rejected Games / PlayWay S.A..

Video game developer, Rejected Games, announced their bunker-building simulator back at the beginning of 2019. It’s called Mr. Prepper and a beta of its Prologue (which tells part of the final planned games’ story) is now available to play on its Steam page. After this Prologue beta has been completed, Rejected plans to release an additional beta for the game’s main storyline, before releasing the full game itself.

With all of the chaos going on in the world right now, I thought that the premise behind Mr. Prepper was pretty timely when I first saw it on Steam. For those who don’t know what prepping is—it’s when folks prepare for disasters usually by building some sort of secret area (such as an underground bunker) and then stocking it up with survival gear and rations. In this way, they hope to survive for many days, months, and even years within their secret location.

Mr. Prepper: Prologue on Steam

Mr. Prepper emulates this perfectly as you play as a man who is prepping for some sort of ominous future event. The beginning of the game mentions a plague and shows Mr. Prepper trying to leave his hometown of Murricaville.

However, the authorities catch up with him and place him on probation with the conditions that he must stay at his home. A white-haired man known only as a representative of The Agency (a Stasi-type organization) tells Mr. Prepper that he’ll be dropping by periodically to make sure the latter isn’t doing anything subversive.

Mr. Prepper on Steam

You, as Mr. Prepper, will have to go right to work constructing an underground bunker so that he can hide an object which supposedly will be able to help him in the future. Of course, The Agency becomes suspicious of Mr. Prepper and begins to surveil his property. Fortunately, Mr. Prepper can still barter with his neighbors for crucial supplies. This is a single-player game so all of his neighbors are AI characters.

As you construct Mr. Prepper’s secret base underneath his two-story house, you get to learn more about his backstory. As you’re building the shelter you also have to be mindful of keeping the above-ground portion of his property clean and well-kept, so as not to arouse any more suspicions from the authorities, when they decide to drop in for their in-home inspections. You can even renovate your house by changing the interiors around and replacing furniture.

Steam Community :: Mr. Prepper

You play the game from a side-viewing perspective and Mr. Prepper sort of reminded me of another underground shelter game, 2018’s Sheltered. However, the visuals of Mr. Prepper are much clearer looking than the rough, pixilated graphics of Sheltered.

As you dig underground, you construct rooms that can be used for such things as workshops and greenhouses. In addition to that, there is also a crafting system that you can create useful tools with or other items with which you can trade with your neighbors.

Mr. Prepper | Игровой архив на Zone of Games

Although Mr. Prepper does look very promising and timely, it still doesn’t have an official release date. People who are interested in following the game’s development are encouraged to check out Rejected Games’ Discord server.

I’ll be circling back around later to review the final version of this intriguing title, once it comes out.

SCORE: 83%

Mr. Prepper: Prologue has some pretty good looking graphics that make its survival gameplay truly shine. However, you want to have a pretty beefy gaming PC or gaming laptop in order to play it at a decent framerate. So, you may just want to invest in a decent gaming rig:

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