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Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Support VR

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is confirmed to be released on gaming PC via Steam. It will also have a VR support that will be released later this year as part of its free update.

This news was confirmed by the game’s head of development Jorg Neumann. According to him, Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC will support VR gameplay via HP Reverb G2. And it will be available this Fall.

In a separate Xbox blog post, it was also announced that the game will be coming to Steam on its launch day, which was dated last August 18. The game is also available for Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass for PC, which is currently in its beta state.

Neumann further explained that the VR support will come to other headsets beyond the Reverb G2 later on. As he said to EuroGamer, the development team will bring it to all the devices, including the most common ones. However, it’s just going to take a few more months to do that.

As described in the game’s briefing, Microsoft Flight Simulator is an ever-changing and ever-evolving platform game. As confirmed, the game will have more features and more planes to arrive with future updates.

Following the game’s release, the development team said that they aim to release meaningful content every month as much as possible.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will have free world updates that will arrive every two to three months. These updates will focus on a specific area of the globe and will come with custom airports and missions.

According to its developer, Asobo, there will also be free simulation updates that will address community wishlist features in between the release of free world updates. Asobo also plans to release paid DLCs for the game, which, according to Neumann, may focus on other aircrafts such as helicopters.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available via Xbox Game Pass.

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