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League of Legends Reveals Yone


Who would have expected that League of Legends will immediately release a new champion weeks after Lilia? As part of the Spirit Blossom event, a new champion named Yone – the Unforgotten, was finally revealed to the players.

In his lore, it was also revealed that Yone happens to be Yasuo’s older brother. He is also a renowned student of their village’s sword school. But upon his death, he found himself hunted by a malevolent entity in the spirit realm and was forced to slay it. Now, he is cursed to wear the entity’s demonic mask upon his face. Stories tell that Yone tirelessly hunts these malevolent creatures to understand what he has become.

league of legends yone

Let’s check out his in-game abilities:

Passive – Way of the Hunter

Yone uses his two blades, causing every second of attack to deal with 50% magic damage.

His Critical Strike Chance is doubled, but his critical strikes also receive 10% reduced damage.

Q – Mortal Steel

Yone thrusts his sword forward the enemy, dealing physical damage.

Upon hitting the enemy, it grants a stack for 6 seconds. And at 2 stacks, this skill causes Yone to dash forward with a wave of wind. This knocks up enemies for .75 seconds, which also deals with physical damage.

W – Spirit Cleave

Yone cleaves forward his enemy, dealing physical damage and magical damage to his opponent.

If Yone hits his opponent again, he gains a Shield for 1.5 seconds. The Shield increases for each champion it struck.

E – Soul Unbound

Yone enters spirit form, leaving his body behind for 5 seconds and gains Movement Speed.

After the duration, Yone snaps back to his body and repeats 25% of all damage he dealt with champions during the time. This skill may be Recast to end the spirit form early.

R – Fate Sealed

This is Yone’s ultimate skill. Upon casting, Yone strikes all enemies along the path, which deals with physical and magical damage. He then teleports behind the last champion hit and knocks up victims towards Yone.

If no enemy champion is struck, Yone will instead blink to a maximum range.


Yone will soon be released on League of Legends. This champion will be a part of the 10.16 PBE Cycle, so make sure to update LoL on your gaming PC or laptop.

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