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Amazon’s Crucible Returns to Closed Beta

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Amazon Game Studios have confirmed that their team-shooter video game Crucible has been pulled back into closed beta. The game was just fully launched last month.

According to the game’s developer Relentless Studios, they have decided to shift the game back again into a closed beta state. It was to focus on providing players the best possible experience in the game.

Despite these changes, Relentless will still release the roadmap announced early in June when they decided to pull two of Crucible’s game modes. This was after its player base dwindled just a few weeks after its launch.

The developers are now focusing on Crucible’s map, combat, and system changes. They also made it clear that the Crucible experience will remain the same for those who have been playing it since launch.

Players will be able to keep all the progress and customization items they have earned during the closed beta. The developers also confirmed that they will continue to support the in-game store, reward tracks, and battle pass.

Relentless Studio is also working on a community council of players who will be consulting for feedback. The developers will also be scheduling dedicated time each week to play the game with the current community.

Crucible’s popular game mode, Heart of Hives, will remain as the developers working on a number of new features.

Crucible is a free-to-play team-based shooter PvP video game. Players can pick an alien, human, or robot hunter to fight on 4v4 battles. Each match on this game is a fight for survival and control. Not only you have to compete with your opponents, but you will also need to adapt and overcome challenges that the map throws on your way.

Crucible is the first major game from Amazon Games. It was released for Microsoft gaming PC on May 20, 2020.

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