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New World Launches Beta on July 23

Amazon’s upcoming MMORPG video game New World will finally launch its closed beta on July 23. Players who have pre-order the game will only be the ones to access the beta. They will also be a few digital bonuses.

These digital bonuses include Isabella’s amulet, a fist bump emoticon, an Expedition One unique title, and a guild crest set.

It was announced on the PC Gaming Show last month, where Amazon Games also premiered a new gameplay trailer that revealed New World’s PvP combat experience.

According to its developers, New World will feature a PvP setup with multi-part stages where teams can siege enemy fortresses. These battles pit up to 100 players together on the battlefield all at once.

Amazon Games also confirmed that the game will feature additional multiplayer modes, which includes PvE modes. There will also be high-end content reserved for players who will reach the endgame.

New World is set to be released in August 2020 for Microsoft Windows gaming PC. This MMORPG game puts players in a mysterious island located at the Atlantic Ocean that is dominated by monsters and demons. Players must gather resources, build their weapons, and colonized the island.

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