Cosmic Forces Reveals Goosebumps: Dead of the Night

Cosmic Forces brings a new Goosebumps game into gaming PC and consoles, which will delight fans of the book. It is titled Goosebumps: Dead of the Night and is inspired by R.L. Stine’s book series and movie adaptation. The studio partnered with Sony Pictures and Scholastic to make this possible.

The announcement came along with the game’s first official trailer, which showed the monsters and encounters you should expect from the game.

Goosebumps: Dead of the Night is a first-person horror video game that brings Slappy the Dummy back as the main villain. For some unknown reasons, Slappy has escaped from the pages of his book. And he is now out to steal classic pages from the book series to free them and bring chaos to the world.

To stop Slappy, the player must solve puzzles and outwit the monsters. While doing so, he must find a way to capture Slappy and all the monsters to bring them back inside their pages.

As you can see in the trailer, Goosebumps: Dead of the Night will feature challenging puzzles, improved visual graphics, and the occasional jumpscares. Actor Jack Black also comes back to the series to give voice to R.L. Stine.

According to Cosmic Forces, Goosebumps: Dead of the Night is a reimagining of their mobile VR game titled Goosebumps: Night of Scares. Dead of the Night, though, will feature better graphics, new characters, additional gameplay monsters, and new monsters.

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