Dead by Daylight Launches Silent Hill Crossover DLC

Dead by Daylight has been known to collaborate with popular horror movies, TV series, and video games to bring iconic characters into the game. But its latest collaboration is sure to blow your minds because they will be featuring iconic figures from the popular Silent Hill series.

Cheryl Mason and Pyramid Head are now available as the new survivor and killer accordingly. Aside from Dead by Daylight’s collaboration with Left 4 Dead in 2017, which introduced Bill as a survivor, the Silent Hill DLC is the first time a survivor and killer from another video game series has been added.

Aside from the two characters, the Silent Hill DLC pack will also bring a new map in the game that is based on the Midwich Elementary School. And the best thing about it is that the map will be playable to all players whether they buy the Silent Hill DLC pack or not.

Furthermore, the developers also explained that the map has been faithfully recreated as a nod to the first game. This new map will feature two stories, an indoor and outdoor segment, and an element that merges OtherWorld into its layout. There will also be puzzles, surprises, and occasional jump scares that were in the original Silent Hill game.

Another new feature that comes with the Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill DLC is the Legendary Outfits. This outfit changes a survivor’s model completely, including all of its animation except the stats and abilities. In the Silent Hill DLC, Cheryl has a Lisa Garland outfit that players can purchase.

The Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill DLC pack is now available for Microsoft Windows gaming PC and consoles.

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