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Minecraft Dungeons Announces First DLC

Mojang has announced the first DLC for its dungeon-crawler game, Minecraft Dungeons. The DLC is called Jungle Awakens and is scheduled to be released in July for gaming PC and consoles.

Before Minecraft Dungeons was released, Mojang already announced that they will release two additional content for the game this year. This means that after Jungle Awakens is released, it will eventually be followed by the second DLC pack called Creeping Winter.

No exact release date has been confirmed for Creeping Winter, but information published in the Nintendo Switch eShop stated that it will be out by September.

The Jungle Awakens DLC pack features three new missions, where players must fight a mysterious power in a distant and dangerous jungle. The DLC also brings new weapons, armors, and artifacts that could help players defeat their enemies. They will also encounter new creatures such as Jungle Zombies, Poison Quill Vines, and Leapleaf.

Aside from the two DLC packs, Mojang also stated that they are busy working in creating a cross-platform functionality for the game. They also plan to release cool new free content for everyone. 

Minecraft Dungeons is a spin-off game of the popular sandbox video game Minecraft. It is a hack-and-slash dungeon crawler, where you can play with up to three players. 

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