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Tencent Takes Over System Shock Development

Otherside Entertainment has announced its decision to transfer System Shock development from Boston game studio to Tencent.

The announcement came via a Twitter post, saying that Tencent will be taking over the System Shock franchise going forward. The team further explained that as a smaller indie studio, the project had been challenging for their team to carry on their own.

Otherside Entertainment also said that they believe entirely in Tencent’s deep capabilities and expertise as one of the current leading game companies. They also think that Tencent will be able to further boost the franchise’s popularity.

Otherside Entertainment received the license to develop System Shock 3 in 2019 from Night Dive Studios, who developed System Shock 2. However, the development for the third main entry stalled after media sites reported that Otherside Entertainment fell behind on the project’s development

Moving forward, it seems that Otherside Entertainment won’t be involved with the development of the third game anymore.

Night Dive Studio, on the other hand, still has the rights to System Shocks IP. They also have announced that they were currently working on a remake of the first game. It is called System Shock, and it will be released for Windows, MacOS, and Linux gaming PC.

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