League of Legends New Pulsefire Skins

League of Legends has a new set of Pulsefire skins for champions, including Ekko, Fiora, Pantheon, and Lucian.

The Pulsefire is a theme that revolves around a Parallel Universe in League of Legends featuring our favorite champions. According to Riot, it is set in a dystopian future of Piltover. This is why the Pulsefire skins featured the League of Legends champions with cybernetic enhancements and equipped with Chrono technology.

Let’s check out these new skins:

Pulsefire Ekko

Pulsefire Ekko has silver hair and wears an advanced technological-looking suit. His weapons, the Zero-Drive and the Piltover Clock Hand, emit a blue glow. Blue and orange particles can also be seen whenever he activates his skill, Parallel Convergence.

This new skin includes all new models and textures, new visual effects, sound effects, and a new recall animation.

Pulsefire Fiora

Pulsefire Fiora gets a blue hair in this skin and gets noble eye-catching golden tassels attached on her shoulders, which gives her a dominant look. Hitting his enemy’s vitals using Grand Challenge shows a glowing green circular effect with the logo at the center.

This new skin also includes new models and textures, visual effects, sound effects, and a new recall animation.

Pulsefire Pantheon

Once an ancient-looking warrior, Pantheon gets an extreme makeover with his Pulsefire skin. He gets a futuristic armor, weapon, and shield. And unlike his classic skin, Pulsefire Pantheon doesn’t have any headgear. Instead, he has this holographic headpiece that gives him a cool look.

This new skin features all new models and textures for Pantheon. It also has new visual effects, sound effects, and a new recall animation.

Pulsefire Lucian

pulsefire lucian

Pulsefire Lucian becomes a chrono-enforcer with his new skin. He wears a blue, glowing holographic eyepiece, which perfectly matches his glowing Light Pistols.

This new skin gives Pantheon all new models and textures, as well as new visual effects and sound effects. He also gets a new recall animation.


The new Pulsefire skins are now available on League of Legends in-game shop. All you need to do is download the latest patch of the game on your gaming PC or gaming laptop.

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