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LoL Champion Update, Volibear the Relentless Storm

Finally, Riot has released the champion rework of one of League’s most classic champions, Volibear. The new update is part of the game’s latest patch and brings a whole new look for Volibear. His champion update includes a new model, new designs for his released skins, and, more importantly, a new skill set.

Excited? Let’s check out Volibear’s new skill upgrade:


Passive – The Relentless Storm

As a passive skill, The Relentless Storm grants attack speed to all of Volibear’s attacks and abilities. The effect eventually causes his basic attacks to deal bonus magic damage to all enemies nearby.

Q – Thundering Smash

Upon activation, Thundering Smash enables Volibear to gain speed towards enemies. This stuns and damages the first one he attacks.

W – Frenzied Maul

When activated, Frenzied Maul allows Volibear to attack and damage an enemy, applying on-hit effects and marking them. Upon casting this spell again on the marked target, it can deal bonus damage while Volibear heals a portion of his health.

E – Sky Splitter

Sky Splitter enables Volibear to summon a lightning bolt at a location that deals with damage and slows down enemies. It also grants Volibear a shield if he happens to be inside the radius of the lightning blast.

R – Storm Bringer

Storm Bringer is Volibear’s ultimate skill. When enabled, Volibear leaps to a target location, giving his enemies damage while slowing their movement. He also gains bonus health in the process.

If Volibear happens to land near an enemy tower, the structure becomes temporarily disabled for a few seconds.


Excited at his new champion rework and new skill set? Volibear’s update is now available on League of Legends. All you need to do is to download the latest patch of the game on your Microsoft Windows gaming PC.

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