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Disintegration to be Released this June

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The flying motorbike, or ‘gravcycle’-based shooter game, Disintegration, is scheduled to be released this June. The announcement came from its developer and publisher, Private Division, and V1 Interactive. 

According to Private Division, Disintegration will only be launched digitally via Steam and other digital storefronts. It will be available for gaming PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Disintegration is actually the first game from V1 Interactive. This game features a single-player campaign that revolves around a future where human brains are placed into robots, which then pilot flying machines to rain death upon their enemies. 

The game’s multiplayer mode pits two teams of pilots to battle each other, with each pilot capable of ordering their own squad of AI soldiers to fight on the ground.

Disintegration will be priced at $49.99, and gamers can also now pre-order it on Xbox One and Steam. For those who will pre-order the game, they will receive bonus cosmetics, which includes the Lost Ronin Midnight crew skin, Disintegration Medal Gravcycle attachment, Flex emotes, and also a platform-exclusive animated player banner.

The game will officially launch its digital copies on June 16 on Steam and other digital storefronts.

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