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Borderlands 3 Gets Mayhem Mode 2.0

Borderlands 3
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Borderlands 3 has released two new free updates, an expansion called Mayhem Mode 2.0, and a limited-time event called Revenge of the Cartel.

The Mayhem Mode 2.0 is the first free update, which expands the game’s endgame system with new challenges as well as rewards. Mayhem is a game mode that the players can unlock after beating the main campaign of Borderlands 3. Players are allowed to select random difficulty modifiers in exchange for better loot.

This new mode also adds 25 new modifiers, which range from potentially helpful to more challenging. For example, it features the Drone Ranger, which can give enemies a healing drone. These modifiers are rated from Easy, Medium, Hard, or Very Hard, and comes with 10 difficulty levels. 

According to the developers, modifiers are chosen at random but will always come from your selected rating pool. The stats of weapon drops also improve the higher the level you choose. In fact, starting at level 6, specific bosses can drop one of the game’s eight brand new Legendary weapons. 

Aside from these, there will also be a new Mayhem Mode options tab that players can locate in your ECHO device menu.

The second free update called the Revenge of the Cartels, which is a limited-time event. In this event, the player must infiltrate the Villa Ultraviolet, the mansion owned by the cartel kingpin, Joey Ultraviolet, to help Maurice.

This new limited-time event spawns new cartel enemies around the galaxy, which players have to defeat to know the coordinates of Villa Ultraviolet.

At the villa, players have to defeat one of the three distinct factions of the Eridium Cartel, with each bosses having their own unique under-bosses and legendary loot pool. Players must visit the villa multiple times to face each faction and acquire their unique loot pool.

These two new updates are now available for your gaming PC, so make sure to update your Borderlands 3.

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