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Supermassive Games Reveals Little Hope

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British video game developer Supermassive Games has finally revealed its entry in Dark Pictures Anthology, titled, Little Hope. It will be the second entry in the game anthology following Man of Medan.

Little Hope is said to deliver a new cinematic horror experience for players, which they can play as a single-player or with their friends on multiplayer.

The game is set in the eponymous New England town, which is said to be inspired by Andover, a place near Salem. According to Little Hope’s director Paul Samuels, Andover had more women that were accused and arrested of witchcraft than in Salem. 

These witch trials are what inspired Supermassive, which they decided to explore in Little Hope. The game follows the story of five college students, who find themselves stranded in the town after their bus crashes, and a mysterious fog appears.

Samuels stated that the game’s goal is to show players paranoia, brutal executions, and lastly, the pursuit of redemption. He also explained that in the town, all the malice and sufferings leave a profound effect on it and creates repercussions.

In Little Hope, the five students are taken back in time to 1962, during the peak of the witch trials. There, they get to witness events that lead up to the trial and execution of a group of settlers who surprisingly look like them.

The Little Hope is said to have been inspired by The Silent Hill, The Witch, Season of the Witch, and Blair Witch. The game is set to be released this year for Microsoft Windows gaming PC

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