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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer Teases PC Release

Trailer teases for Final Fantasy 7 Ramake for gaming pc.
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Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake to commemorate its launch. And aside from the commemoration, it seems that the trailer also hints a potential PC release of the game.

The new Final Fantasy 7 trailer features an overview of the game provided by Director Yoshinori Kitase. But the most interesting part of the video is the text that is shown below the gameplay clips that reads, “Gameplay as captured on PC.”

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake currently has a timed exclusivity window on PS4, which is predicted to last until April 2021. But the teaser just confirmed that the game can indeed be played on a gaming PC, although we don’t exactly have the details about its development build.

Although some people think that it might just be the company’s formality to show the footage, some fans believe that the game will indeed be released for PC soon.

Back to the trailer, the video also explains the changes to the battle system of the remake. They did this by giving a brief rundown and comparison of how the developers updated the classic 1997 game for a new audience in 2020.

Final Fantasy 7 follows the adventure of Cloud Strife as he opposes the evil megacorporation Shinra, with the help of a group called the AVALANCHE. Cloud must do everything to stop Shinra from using the planet’s life essence as its energy source.

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