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Amazon’s New World Release Delayed to August

New  World for gaming pc released will be delayed and it will be in August.
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Amazon Games’ MMO New World was initially scheduled to be released this May 2020 for gaming PC. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, Amazon announced that it will delay the game’s release until August 25, 2020.

Aside from the main game, the New World closed beta has also been delayed to July 2020 instead of its April 2020 launch. 

Amazon Games also stated that despite the current challenges the developers are facing, they are trying their best to reach their quality bar even though they work remotely for the foreseeable future.

New World is Amazon Games’ upcoming MMO. It is set in a fictional world, where players take on the role of colonists who must explore a new land. The challenge is, this uncharted land is terrorized by supernatural monsters.

In its gameplay, players must scavenge for resources and also build settlements that they will also have to defend from the monsters and other players.

Amazon Games confirmed that the New World Alpha will remain open even though its development continues. The company also promises fans that they will give updates between now and its August launch. 

The company also stated details about the games’ mechanic called “Invasion.” It is a game mode wherein monster hordes will build up power and numbers before laying siege on a Fort. Players must work together to defend this Fort against invaders. Failure to secure the Fort will cause the Territory to lose some upgrades, including Crafting Stations and other assets.

Teams must successfully defend the Fort or be overrun by other teams. Amazon Games also confirmed that this game feature will be a level-50 activity, so that means that it will be for high-level players.

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