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Deadpool is Now in Fortnite

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The anticipated Deadpool skin is now finally available in Fortnite. Epic Games made the Deadpool skin for free as long as players own the Battle Pass. However, a player must complete a series of challenges to unlock the said skin.

Epic Games have teased the Deadpool Skin since the launch of the Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2, where a few Deadpool appearances can be seen in the trailers. 

Fortnite then released the challenges in Deadpool’s bunker, allowing players to unlock several apparel items, which include his katanas, his themed weapon wraps, and a few different sprays and emotes.

To unlock the Deadpool skin, the player should complete a set of 14 challenges. The last two challenges in the list were released on April 3. The first challenge tasks the player to locate both of Deadpool’s pistols, while the second challenge requires the players to find a phone booth or porta-potty and change into Deadpool’s costume.

Once you have finished all the 14 challenges, your character will be rewarded with the Deadpool skin.

What are you waiting for? Let’s play Fortnite on your gaming PC now.

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