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Crucible Set for May 2020 Release

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Amazon’s sci-fi PvP shooter, Crucible, is set to be released in May for Microsoft Windows gaming PC.

Crucible was developed by Amazon’s Relentless studio. It was supposed to be released in March, but due to the current circumstances, the game’s release date was pushed forward to May. Amazon came to this decision to relieve the pressure on the teams that were involved.

The sci-fi PvP shooter game was first announced in 2016 at TwitchCon. It was described as a class-based last-man-standing game. Throughout its development, Crucible was redesigned many times. It said though that it has a class system that was inspired by League of Legends and Dota 2, but focuses on a shooter gameplay.

In Amazon’s Game Studios website, Crucible is described as a fight for survival and control. Aside from going head-to-head with your competitors, players should also be able to adapt and overcome all the challenges thrown into you. 

The player must work alongside their teammates to take down alien creatures, complete objectives, and defeat their opponents to win. Such features only mean that Crucible is not a simple PvP shooter game, but also happens to feature PvE elements.

Aside from Crucible, Amazon is also going to release its MMO game, New World, which will also launch in May.

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