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Epic Games to Publish Games from Developers

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Epic Games announced its decision to publish games from developers such as gen DESIGN, PlayDead, and Remedy Entertainment.

Remedy Entertainment is the studio behind Control, PlayDead created Inside and Limbo, while gen DESIGN developed The Last Guardian. As Epic Games confirmed, they will be publishing the next games these studios will be developed through Epic Games Publishing.

Epic Games Publishing is a new multi-platform publishing effort that is created by Epic Games with a developer-first approach.

The announcement came along with a video that features gen DESIGN’s Fumito Ueda, Playdead’s Arnt Jensen, and Remedy’s Sam Lake. The video explained how this new publishing effort from Epic Games will help creators to build their dreams.

Head of Epic Games Publishing, Hector Sanchez, described gen DESIGN, Playdead, and Remedy Entertainment as the most innovative and creative studios in the industry. He further explained that despite being their publisher, the following studios will have full creative control over their games. Epic, on the other hand, will provide them with a solid foundation of project funding and services.

Furthermore, Epic Games Publishing confirmed that they will be releasing additional information about their development partners, and the games for consoles and gaming PC that will be developed for the coming months.

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