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Avalanche Studios Group Teases New FPS Game

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The developer behind Just Cause series, Avalanche Studios, has rebranded themselves as Avalanche Studios Group. And with their new name comes a teaser of a new FPS game that they are currently developing.

The unannounced FPS game was teased alongside with a new 28-seconds clip trailer, which features an audio design that suggests the inclusion of monsters in its gameplay.

This new FPS game will be published under Systemic World, which is Avalanche Studio Group’s self-publishing brand. It is the same publisher that released the studio’s Generation Zero.

Aside from the upcoming FPS game, Avalanche Studio Group also confirmed that several new games are currently in development for gaming PC and consoles.

In other news, Avalanche Studios Group has now recognized its three creative divisions, which include Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds, and Systemic Reaction.

According to the company, each division has its own goals. Avalanche Studios will continue to create and develop AAA titles like Just Cause and Rage 2. Expansive Worlds will stick to developing outdoor games like the Hunter: Call to the Wilds. On the other hand, Systemic Reaction will work on the new FPS game until its release.

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