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Sabotage Studio Announces Prequel of The Messenger

Sabotage Studio has finally announced the prequel for their 2018 action-platformer video game, The Messenger. And to everyone’s surprise, the prequel game will be an entirely different genre. Unlike The Messenger, it will feature a classic turn-based RPG gameplay.

The prequel is titled “Sea of Stars,” and it is set hundreds of thousands of years before The Messenger. According to the developers, the game will focus on two main characters whose main goal is to train and defeat the Fleshmancer.

Sabotage said that their new game is inspired by the classics, and features timed hits and active defense options for its turn-based combat gameplay. 

According to the team, their goal is to introduce games with retro aesthetics but modern design. One of these features is the dynamic lighting system, which creates shadows that aren’t normally seen in most 2D games with pixel art.

In Sea of Stars, players are also given more freedom to explore the environment. Playable characters can be able to swim across bodies of water, vault off ledges, and even climb cliffs.

But before you get excited, Sea of Stars is still in its early development stage. Sabotage Studio also confirmed that the game isn’t planned for release until 2022 on gaming PC and next-gen console. 

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