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Overwatch Reveals 32nd Hero, Echo

Overwatch has finally revealed its 32nd hero, the omnic, Echo. Her arrival was announced by Blizzard along with a story trailer to introduce Echo.

In the official story trailer description, Echo was described as an evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence. And that her design represents the cutting edge of technology. 

The trailer story also shows the backstory of Echo as a robot that was designed and made by an Overwatch member to help the world. Aside from the teaser trailer, Echo already appeared in an Overwatch anime short video titled Reunion that was released in 2018. Her presence has always been in the game as the payload in Route 66.

Let’s watch Echo’s story trailer below:

In Overwatch’s official website, Echo is described as a damage dealer type of character. She is made to be versatile enough to fill multiple battlefield combat roles. One of her abilities even allows her to duplicate a targeted enemy hero and gains the use of their abilities.

Echo is now available on PTR, where players can test her gameplay and check out her skills. To check out her abilities, make sure to update your Overwatch PTR on your gaming PC.

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