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League of Legends Three Rift Quest Skins

Riot has already released the Three Rift Quest skins in League of Legends, which include Talon Blackwood, Taric Luminshield, and Twitch Shadowfoot. The update is now available for gaming PC, and each skin costs around 1350 RP.

Let’s check out the Three Rift Quest skins:

Talon Blackwood

Talon Blackwood is the sworn brother of Twitch Shadowfoot. He is known as a dashing assassin extraordinaire and is one half of the infamous underworld duo. He also happens to be the only advanced class in the entire party. He is a brooding dark elf that thinks of himself as an antihero with a backstory but is said to be fated to one day save the world.

Taric Luminshield

Taric Luminshield is the party’s battle cleric, who is tasked to be the tank and healer for the pair of rumbling rogues. One can say that Taric is the only thing keeping his party from a total party wipe. He is also a devout warrior of the Divine Goddess Targonius.

Twitch Shadowfoot

Twitch Shadowfoot is known as the adorable Rift Quest counterpart to the actual Twitch, who is crazy. He is described as an extremely aggravating presence in the game. Known to many, Twitch is a cuddly rat-man rogue who spends nearly every minute to steal his companions’ equipment, while mumbling of a vast conspiracy to overthrow him from the toilet kingdom.

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