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Frictional Games Teases Their Next Game

Teases of Gatherers from Amnesia- The Dark Descent
Photo Source: Villains Wiki – Fandom

Frictional Games, the studio behind psychological-horror games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA, releases a new teaser for their next upcoming game.

For months, the studio has been leading fans into a scavenger hunt by releasing few hidden videos and audio recordings. However, the latest one is different. The video phases in and out of the darkness, which seems to be from the point-of-view of the character.

In the same video, we also hear the character saying: “Don’t lose it. No, no, come on. Need to find him. He must understand. I am Tasi. I am still Tasi.”

There are a few things we can take note of from the teaser. First, the character appears to be in a desert, and there seems to be a sandstorm happening. Second, there is a cavern with a bright blue light coming out of it, probably a cave or some sort. And from what we know of Frictional Games, it is not uncommon for them to force players underground during brutal weather like in the case of their Penumbra franchise.

Fans have also noticed that the desert doesn’t have much going on, aside from a rock, a tree, and a few crystallines. A few ones also agreed that the cavern and the crystals are the studios allude to it being another sci-fi game.

All we know is that the game has a new character that goes by the name Tasi and that she’s looking for a man she knows from her past. This leaves a lot of room for fans to create theories and a lot of guessing.

Frictional Games first teased this new game using an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). It eventually led to a website called that features a pulsating brain neuron which has since been changed. The site now shows the fetus of a growing baby.

Aside from the new teaser, we still know nothing about their new upcoming game. But we can confirm that like its other predecessors, it will be released for Microsoft Windows gaming PC probably via Steam.

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