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Code Vein Gets New Frozen Empress DLC

New Frozen Empress DLC for Code Vein for gaming pc is released

Code Vein released its first DLC titled Hellfire Knight in late January, and now the developers are ready to release the second DLC. The Frozen Empress DLC is the second of the three DLCs to be released by Bandai Namco for Code Vein.

Similar to the previous DLC, Code Vein will bring a new and challenging boss fight to the players. It will also add an arsenal of new weapons, as well as the Blood Codes. Its new features will add Depth to the game’s storyline, and bring new alternate costumes for the player’s AI partner.

Bandai Namco has already revealed the trailer for the Frozen Empress DLC. And although it will bring no new content to the game, the Frozen Empress DLC has the new Memory Echo for players to relive and enjoy some of their favorite content.

In regards to the new weapons, the DLC will bring four ice-encased weapons, including a bayonet, a halberd, a hammer, and two-handed swords. 

The new DLC will also introduce the new Ymir Blood Code, which reproduces the power of the Frozen Empress. The new Blood Code gives players Revenant strong ice-elemental abilities, which will allow them to create Frost Turret that can shoot out ice shards. Players will also be able to fire freezing beams of light in all directions using the Hoarfrost Stream.

And as promised, the Frozen Empress DLC also brings a new Depth, which is the Celestial Ice Prison. This Depth allows players to unlock two new Blood Codes, the Pollux Core Fragment and the Asclepius Vestige.

The Code Vein Frozen Empress DLC is now available to download on your gaming PC via Steam for only $9.99.

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